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How to get cheapest price for international cargo in Nepal?

How to get cheapest price for international cargo in Nepal?

Maintaining quality and speed comparable to domestic shipping while not overspending can be difficult. The best method for shipping internationally is determined by your average order volume, delivery speed, and destination.
How Can Businesses Reduce Shipping Costs?
People can opt for a different mode of transportation, establish new manufacturing hubs, or even handle delivery themselves in some cases. Here are some points that reduces the shipping costs for international cargo in Nepal;
Air freight is a faster option:
Air freight options are typically faster but much more expensive than ocean freight options. However, because the cost of ocean shipping is at an all-time high, air freight may be a more viable shipping option for your company right now.
Even though you may not save much money with this shipping method, your inventory will arrive much sooner, allowing you to deliver to your customers more quickly.
Relocate your manufacturing facilities:
China is the world's manufacturing powerhouse, but it has also become the world's shipping bottleneck. The ongoing crisis teaches businesses that they should not rely solely on one country for their manufacturing needs and should instead relocate their manufacturing operations to reduce risk.
Consider outsourcing your manufacturing outside of China, preferably near your primary markets.
Standard shipping rather express shipping:
Standard shipping is less expensive than express shipping or delivery because the shipment is delivered by road using surface couriers. Because express shipping means faster and more urgent delivery, the price and rates are higher than other modes of transportation due to the use of air couriers. You must choose the best shipping method based on the delivery timelines.
Get Discounted Shipping rates:
All shipping companies offer pricing discounts based on shipping volume, and you don't have to ship hundreds of thousands of orders per month to qualify. It's not a bad idea to try to negotiate volume discounts in exchange for loyalty to a single shipping carrier. Of course, the more packages you ship, the lower your rates will be.
Lower shipping costs should be sought by ecommerce store owners, as long as the service for the lower costs does not affect shipping solutions or extend delivery times.
Insure the third parties:
One way to cut shipping costs is to eliminate extra services, which could include shipping insurance depending on the value of the product being shipped. If you do require shipping insurance for your orders, third-party package insurers are usually less expensive than using your shipping carrier — in some cases nearly half the price. This is, of course, most applicable to high-value items.
What are the factors that can help you get the best price for international cargo in Nepal? Have you tried a different carrier?
If you have a vested interest in one shipper/carrier solely because they are the closest to you, it may be worthwhile to investigate other options. Different carriers may offer lower rates than what you're currently paying depending on the areas you ship to.
Are you using the appropriate packaging?
Many small businesses make common packing mistakes that raise their costs, such as using too large package dimensions or too much package weight. Others use boxes when a poly mailer or padded envelope would be more appropriate in terms of weight and dimensions. If you use custom-branded boxes, inserts, and other fancy packing supplies like shredded paper filler or custom tissue paper and are struggling to keep shipping costs low, you could probably save money by eliminating them. If you insist on using branded boxes, make sure their dimensions do not exceed the standard box sizes used by major carriers, or you may face additional fees. If your product packaging can be made ship-ready, you can save money on shipping by simply slapping a label on it.
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