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Advantages and disadvantages of Ocean Freight Services

Advantages and disadvantages of Ocean Freight Services

Ocean freight is one of the most cost effective forms of transport, which is important supply chain management and operations within a business and can help keep the price of goods competitive for the end customers. Ocean freight is the most environmentally friendly form of transport for cargo, which can help boost the company's brand and reputation

Ocean Freight  is very complicated and highly regulated. For a first time sender or importer it can be very daunting due to completing international trade and regulations. So, here are some advantages and disadvantages of Ocean Freight Services in the context of Nepal. 

Advantages of Ocean Freight Services:

Cheap Freight: 

Ocean Freight is more likely cheap in comparison to rail, road, and air.


Ships are designed to carry dangerous materials and critical cargo safely.

Less Maintenance Cost:

In comparison to maintenance costs of rail and air transport, water transport is quite cheaper. Due to this reason, the rates of ocean freight are not so high. 

Best for heavy Goods:

Ocean freight can easily ship heavy and large items at low cost, as ocean freight rates are cheap.

Important for Foreign Trade:

Though airlines are increasingly used today for international shipping, foreign trade is highly dependent upon ocean shipping.

Disadvantages of Ocean Freight Services:

Lack of Infrastructure:

In some parts of the world there is a lack of ports and ships. Well, in the context of Nepal, Nepal is 100% dependable to India for Ocean Freight.

Perishable goods could not be shipped

Ocean freight service is a long and slow process. It is not suitable for Perishable goods. E.g. vegetables, fruits and animal products . While you can transport these products using refrigerator container consumers on the other side of the world like it fresh.

Clearly, there are far more advantages to ocean freight than disadvantages.If you have plenty of time and would rather save money, land or sea freight is the better option.