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Sending courier from India to Nepal, what you needs to know ?

Sending courier from India to Nepal, what you needs to know ?

How India to Nepal Courier service works?

India has been a key development partner of Nepal.It is also  Nepal's largest trade partner and the largest source of foreign investments, besides providing transit for almost entire third country trade of Nepal. In almost all countries, a onetime licensing procedure to act as an Exporter/Importer is required to be completed.If anyone wants to start export or import of merchandise from and to Nepal, is required to have a legal business in Nepal.

Step by step procedures to export from India

Processing an Export Order

i. Confirmation of order

On receiving an export order, Specification, payment conditions, packaging, delivery schedule of items should be examined carefully and then the order should be confirmed. Accordingly, the exporter may enter into a formal contract with the overseas buyer.

ii. Procurement of Goods

 Immediate steps may be taken for procurement/manufacture of the goods meant for export after confirmation of the export order. It should be remembered that the order has been obtained with much efforts and competition so the procurement should also be strictly as per buyer’s requirement.

iii. Quality Control

In the context of performing quality control before shipping, any product or unit of product that does not meet the minimum standards will have to be reworked, disposed, or dealt with accordingly by the company, instead of being shipped to the end user.

iv. Labeling, Packaging, Packing and Marking

The export goods should be labeled, packaged and packed strictly as per the buyer’s specific instructions. Good packaging delivers and presents the goods in top condition and in attractive way. Similarly, good packing helps easy handling, maximum loading, reducing shipping costs and to ensuring safety and standard of the cargo. Marking such as address, package number, port and place of destination, weight, handling instructions, etc. provides identification and information of cargo packed.

v. Delivery

It is important feature of export and the exporter must adhere the delivery schedule. Planning should be there to let nothing stand in the way of fast and efficient delivery.

vi. Customs Procedures

It is necessary to obtain PAN based Business Identification Number (BIN) from the Customs prior to filing of shipping bill for clearance of export good and open a current account in the designated bank for crediting of any drawback amount and the same has to be registered on the system.

Required documents


For Commercial Parcel Connection


    AD code on bank letterhead original Or Last shipping bill copy (3 COPIES)

      Letterhead declaration for custom request or Last shipping bill copy (3 COPIES)

        SLI (3 COPIES)

          SDF (3 COPIES)

            Anax A (3 COPIES)

              GSP or chamber in the case of Europe (3 COPIES)

                Pan Card (3 COPIES)

                  Invoice On Letter Head ( Please do mention "MADE OF") 5 COPIES

                    Packing List (3 COPIES)

                      KYC form (2 COPIES)

                        passport size photo with self-attested stamp and signature (2 COPIES)

                          Authorized Signature Photo ID, Signature prof, and Address Proof (3 COPIES)

                            Letter of Undertaking certificate required.


                            For An Individual To Individual Personal Goods

                              One Photo ID (Aadhar Card Copy, Pan Card Copy, Passport Copy, Voter ID Copy, and Driver Licence)

                                One Address Prof (Aadhar Card Copy, Adhar card Copy, Electricity Bill Copy, Water Bill Copy, Landline Phone Bill Copy, Passport Copy, Voter ID)


                                    For Company To Individual Personal Goods Or Sample From Company To Company

                                      Photo ID Of Auth. Signatory or Director

                                        Signature Prof Of Auth Signatory or Director

                                          IEC of Company Or Electricity Bill And Landline bill

                                            KYC Form Signature and Stamp on 3 pages

                                              GST Registration number

                                                Tax ID number Required Brazil, Mexico, Chilli,

                                                  Invoice cum packing list

                                                  Items not allowed 

                                                   Here are the items we will not be able to ship for you : weapons, medicines, perishable foods, drugs, animal products, aerosols, cash, dangerous goods, counterfeit goods, certain plants and plant products that may carry pests or harmful to the local ecosystem, liquids, and obviously passports or other confidential personal documents.

                                                  PROUD MEMBER OF