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Things you need to know before buying items in Alibaba from Nepal.

Things you need to know before buying items in Alibaba from Nepal.

Alibaba is a secure and trusted platform where buyers and sellers from all around the world can carry out transactions. Alibaba is one of the world's biggest e-commerce websites. You can find literally anything here. Almost all of the goods manufacturers in the world love to list their products on this website. It is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world. Alibaba is China’s popular destination for online shopping and it is also becoming popular nowadays in the rest of the world. Today we are talking about the things you need to know before placing your orders in Alibaba if you reside in Nepal. 

Alibaba is very easy to navigate and the buying process is much more simple. Important things you need to know before buying items in Alibaba from Nepal. 

  1. Create an Account:

First of all you must create an account on Alibaba's website. You must provide information like; Country/region, Trade role, Full name, Email address, Company name, Telephone number. You must also create a password here. If you do not have your account on Alibaba now is the best time for you to create one. Visit www.alibaba.com for more information. 

For trade roles, there is a buyer and both options to select. Choose the buyer option but If you want to both sell and buy products then choose the option both.  

  1. Search the product: 

You need to know beforehand what you want to buy, there are millions of products to choose from Alibaba. You must research the products first. Things you need to consider are if the goods are available in the local market or not. You need to ensure that the Nepalese government has laws and regulations that allow you to import such goods without any hassle. The seller is genuine and if it is safe to order. Do you have trust between buyers and suppliers, trade assurance is must. What if all of the trade talks are just a scam.

  1. Compare Seller 

After finding the right product. You must select the seller. There are different kinds of sellers in Alibaba. There are some sellers who are certified and qualified. They are; 

Gold suppliers are paid members on the Alibaba.com platform that have been verified as businesses with industrial or commercial capabilities.

Verified suppliers are businesses whose company profile, management system, production capabilities, and process controls have been assessed, certified, and/or inspected by third party institutions.

Trade Assurance suppliers are suppliers that accept payments directly through Alibaba.com’s payment portal, enabling Alibaba.com order protection.

  1. Learn to negotiate

While buying the product you should know the quality of the product. Make a habit of seeing reviews and stars given by customers after purchasing the goods. We should Always remember that negotiation must be done at the right time. It is the art of buyers to negotiate the price with suppliers. To make a supplier happy you must have to prove to be a good client. If we are buying a huge product, you can bargain.

5. Shipping method 

When it comes to shipping and logistics, buyers can use Alibaba’s freight services which provides ocean freight, air freight, and air express. But in Nepal they use 3rd party services. Most of the Alibaba suppliers will ship either by air to Kathmandu or by sea to Kolkata's. 

Or you can choose one of the cargo company in Nepal similar to us. We provide all inclusive hassle free freight services from China to Nepal. For further information

Contact us at Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd, Kantipath, Kathmandu


  1. Payment Procedure

One of the main bottlenecks of the whole process is payment to Alibaba from Nepal. There is restriction on payment to foreign entities from Nepal. Recently the Government of Nepal allowed an individual to pay up to $500 to foreign company via a bank of your choosing. But if you want to import goods whose value exceeds $500 then you have to go through a long and expensive procedure in Nepal. Unless you bring goods on a regular basis and in large quantities this is not necessary. You can hire a cargo company like Cargo Nepal who can help you with the transaction. For further information contact us at Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd, Kantipath, Kathmandu.


  1. Receive goods 

So, finally it's your choice to choose any shipping method or contact cargo Nepal to receive goods. If you plan to contact an agent like us, then without any hassle you will receive your goods on your doorstep. 


Above all the process mentioned above to buy products in Alibaba from Nepal , Cargo Nepal helps you to buy products from Alibaba. It is very complicated and time consuming and also hard to manage if you are trying on your own. Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been providing cargo services in Nepal for small to large corporations. With the experiences of 8+ years we always try to move one step ahead of the rest of our competition. For Details information regarding transportation you can contact us at any time here is our contact details. 


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