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About Nepal Freight Forwarders Association

About Nepal Freight Forwarders Association

The Importance of international trade has significantly increased with global economic liberalization. To cope with the globalization pace, efficient and fast movement of goods in the international arena has become the need of the day. Therefore, the role of freight forwarders is facilitation smooth flow of goods nationally and internationally is very important and significant.
In view of the above scenario, formation of a national organization of Freight Forwarders of Nepal was strongly felt by the stake holders and thru, Nepal Freight Forwarders Association (NEFFA) was established in 1998 AD as non-political, nonprofit making, non-government association.
Nepal Freight Association (NEFFA) provides related information, consultations and platforms for workshop, seminars, interactions, training etc. There are 110 companies as General Members and 7 companies as Associate members in the association.
NEFFA’s mission is to facilitate international trade by delivering goods at the destination in an efficient and fast manner.
The objectives of NEFFA are as follows:
• Safeguarding the rights and privileges of freight forwarders enterpreneurs or any firm or company related to transportation;
• To promote and develop national and international transportation industry business;
• To sageguard the rights and privileges of transportation enterprineurs and related employees;
• To liaise with experts, professionals, media, academics and transport and customs experts to keep the association abreast;
• To perform miscellaneous tasks to fulfill the objectives of the association.